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Septic Engineering

From preliminary research to testing to design to approval to installation, our engineering team responds to residential and corporate demands, producing cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions. Our professional staff continually updates our databases with industry information to ensure that the most applicable choices, including alternative treatment technologies are addressed for your site.

In serving customers throughout the region, our ability to sort through the maze of local and state regulations, including permitting processes, present and receive approval for cost-effective, repair designs has strengthened our reputation as solution creators.

Engineering & Survey

Septic Repairs

Regardless of the size of the project, we recognize that if it�s yours it�s important that it be completed properly, economically, and that the final result be as aesthetically pleasing as is possible. We are known for our expertise in taking care of the details.

Whether the job is the replacement of a cover, repair of a tank or replacement of an entire system, our conscientious team will schedule, obtain necessary permits and complete your project in accordance with state and local regulations, and your specifications in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Engineering & Survey

Raggs, Inc. will competitively bid on most projects including: