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Septic Pumping and Maintenance

Did You Know?

Improperly functioning septic systems are primary contributors to groundwater pollution. Regular pumping can help prevent solids from building up and flowing out under the outlet baffle/tee and into the leaching facility. In fact, the importance of regular maintenance is not only addressed in the Massachusetts State Environmental Code, it is also becoming a regulated issue at the local level. For example, Acton, MA local regulations mandate pumping every two years. Consult with your local board of health office to determine if there is a local ruling in effect for this issue.

Pumping and Maintenance:

Strategic maintenance plans can help prevent inconvenience, excessive cost and (especially in the case of overflows and back-ups) dangerous health conditions.

Annual pumping is strongly recommended for residential systems.

Commercial property schedules are evaluated individually with the usage of the site and applicable regulations taken into consideration. We are experienced in servicing the requirements of a wide range of clientele, including multi-state, multi-location property sites. Grease traps must be maintained quarterly (310CMR 15.351(2)) minimum, and pipelines should be waterjetted annually.

Raggs, Inc. Services include:

Our well-trained field staff utilizes the latest equipment available efficiently and competently.

For example:

  • Vacuum pump trucks
  • Large backhoe and excavators
  • Small backhoe
  • Waterjetters
  • Intra-pipeline video equipment
  • Rooter machines
  • Radio transmitters (tank & pipe locators)
  • and much more...
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