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Title 5 Inspections

Title 5 inspections - Required in the majority of property title transfers in Massachusetts.

Inspection report of most residential systems is good for up to three years (with proof of annual pumping for the period after the inspection - 310CMR 15.301(1)) and is filed with the local approving authority.

What happens during an inspection?

Title 5 Inspection

During the inspection, the system components are located, all covers of the septic tank or cesspool are exposed. Sludge and scum levels are measured and the structure is pumped. If there is a distribution box (d-box), that structure is located and exposed. Some sites have additional structures which must be examined. Structural integrity of existing structures, evidence of hydraulic failure, proximity to wetlands and private water supplies are a few of the factors considered in a Title 5 Inspection.

Comprehensive research includes checking the following for information pertinent to the subject property: board of health, conservation commission, assessor's office.

Most clients present on site will know prior to Raggs, Inc. leaving the site whether or not the systems has:

This is intended as an overview of the regulations. Title 5, like many laws, is being constantly reviewed and revised. Please e-mail for answers to specific questions.

Striving to meet the demands of our clients' time constraints, we expedite processing Title 5 reports.

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